Supervisor Requalification

Supervisor Requalification

Every Supervisor must requalify annually. The requalification period is from February 1 of the current year to January 31 of the following year. Don’t miss out on growing your business and moving up the Sales & Marketing Plan.

When you requalify as a Supervisor, you keep what you’ve earned:

  • Continue with 50% discount on all your product orders
  • Remain eligible to earn commissions and Royalty Overrides
  • Remain eligible to qualify for Herbalife incentives
  • Attend Supervisor level trainings


1) One-month requalification – 

Achieve 4,000 Volume Points in one Volume Month with a minimum 1,000 Unencumbered† Volume Points required.

2) Two-month requalification – 

Achieve 4,000 Volume Points over two consecutive Volume Months with a minimum 1,000 Unencumbered† Volume Points required over the same period.

3) 12-month requalification – 

Accumulate 4,000 Unencumbered† Total Volume Points over the 12-month requalification period. IMPORTANT NOTE: Your Downline Supervisors will be moved to the next upline Supervisor, however, you will retain your downline who are not Supervisors.


Accumulate 10,000 Unencumbered† Total Volume Points over the 12-month requalification period and retain your downline Supervisors.

†Unencumbered Volume is simply Volume that is not being used by another Independent Herbalife Member in your organisation to qualify as Supervisor.


You’ve worked hard to build your organization, so make sure you requalify in order to keep the benefits you’ve earned. Set a good example by requalifying yourself, and then help your downline Supervisors to requalify.

Are your downline Supervisors actively retailing product? Use the downloadable tools below to motivate your team to requalify.*

BizWorks and Requalification Reports

Stay informed on who needs to requalify. All Fully Qualified Supervisors have access to the Downline Volume Report to track and support downline on their way to requalification. For Millionaire Team members and above who earn at least a 4% Production Bonus, track your downline Supervisors using the Linear View Report.
Supervisors must requalify annually and pay their Annual Membership Services Fee.