Sussex County Cricket Club: Harry Finch

Q: What are your favourite Herbalife products?

I have been fortunate to only have been supported by Herbalife during my time at Sussex Cricket. Hydrate is by far my favourite. I’m definitely not the only person in the squad who would say that; boxes do disappear very quickly on training days. It also helps that I like orange flavoured drinks and the orange flavour is just right.

Q: How does this help you as a professional cricketer?

I try my best to fit in extra top up fitness work around my cricket skills and games. Knowing I can rely on a product such as Hydrate means I know my body will be up to any session I try. As people are starting to realise more and more; cricket is actually a pretty high intensity game. Even the 4 day game; it still consists of fasts sprints to get the ball in the field and between the wickets. I definitely feel better during a long day in the field with Hydrate in my water bottle than not.

Q: When do you feel this helps you the most?

Definitely during a long day in the field. It can get very hot out there if there is no breeze. A full day of fielding can bring quite a few sprints to get the ball and also just running between overs to change position. Hydrate is a game changer for me. I try to keep my fitness and conditioning work as high intensity as possible. Therefore I sweat A LOT! With hydrate putting electrolytes back into my body, I can continue to fit gym in around my cricket work.

Q: Why would you recommend Herbalife to fellow cricketers?

Without talking about Hydrate particularly, Herbalife with its whole range can help cricketers of all levels. I appreciate I am not a qualified nutritionist or anything like that but myself and the other Sussex lads definitely feel a benefit from it. I do enjoy playing some non-professional club cricket with friends when we are allowed, outside of our professional cricket schedule. Therefore I do see what sort of food is served at that level and for those guys, sometimes, trying to play Saturday and Sunday after a long week at work and in the gym (For some!) the Herbalife range would definitely help!