How to Jazz Up Your Breakfast

*Scarlett London was sent product samples for review purposes, all thoughts portrayed are her own.

I’ve always been a little boring when it comes to breakfast choices.

Porridge and a cup of peppermint tea have been my staples for about 10 years and for a long time, I didn’t see any reason to shake things up. But about a year ago, I started getting very hungry after eating even the most monster bowl of porridge (even Goldilocks would have probably struggled to finish it) and so I set about trying to discover why my breakfast wasn’t fuelling me for the day ahead, as it should have. After many trial and error experiments, tests and a visit to the nutritionist, I have discovered that my body needs more protein than the average person.

I have a very fast metabolism that is fuelled by high amounts of protein. And I just wasn’t getting enough of it myself. This discovery was exciting, because I finally knew what was causing the constant hunger. But I was also a bit overwhelmed, because as you’ve read above – I’d been stuck in a porridge rut for a decade. And I could hardly add a chicken breast to my oats for a protein boost.

So I began to look elsewhere…

I needed something high in protein, soy-free, dairy-free and gluten-free and also relatively yummy. Because I always look forward to my breakfasts and I didn’t want to compromise on taste! It was a pretty difficult task, but I’ve finally discovered something that ticks all the boxes. It’s versatile, delicious, free-from and full of protein. Introducing Herbalife.

I think protein powder has a bit of a stigma attached to it. Because it’s often aligned with fitness fanatics, the gym or dieting. But actually, it can be used as part of your daily routine even if you don’t fit into any of those categories. Most of us aren’t consuming enough protein on a daily basis and yet it’s a vital nutrient to make enzymes, hormones and repair and build body tissue (hair and nails included).

And so it’s something that even nutritionists recommend we keep in the kitchen. Best of all, it’s super versatile and can be woven into a number of recipes to create some delicious breakfast spreads and snacks. If you’re in a rush, you can mix it with water or plant-based milk for an on-the-go breakfast or snack, but if you have a little more time to spare – I thought I’d share a few of my favourite recipes.

Protein Acai Bowl

I love Acai bowls, as they taste like a dessert but can be enjoyed as a delicious and nutritious breakfast. The Acai berry itself can be quite hard to get hold of if you don’t live in London, however you can find it online in frozen sachets if you know where to look. However for something a little easier to come by, I switch up the Acai for frozen berries and banana, for a super smoothie bowl that fills me up all morning long.

You will need:

1 x scoops of Herbalife Formula 1 (Vanilla Flavour)

1 x ripe banana

1 x handful of berries

1 x tablespoon of coconut yoghurt

3 x toppings of your choice (ie: granola, coconut flakes, seeds, nuts, nut butters, raisins, fruit and honey)

Blend together the Herbalife, banana, berries and yoghurt for a few seconds, or until it reaches a consistency that you like.

Pour it into a bowl and then top with your favourites.

Easy peasy! And protein packed!

If you don’t have all of the ingredients outlined, you can always tailor it slightly to what you have in your fridge at the time.

At the time of shooting this blog post, I ran out of berries, so it just has banana and a little bit of mango.

Once you’ve made it a few times, you’ll get to know just how you like it and can perfect it to your taste.

Protein Pancakes

For a weekend treat, I love to make a batch of pancakes to enjoy for breakfast. I’d love to say I share them with friends and David, but they’re too good to share. And so, so easy to make! The addition of Herbalife gives it an added protein boost and a delicious subtly sweet, vanilla flavour.

You will need:

2 x scoops of Herbalife Formula 1 (Vanilla Powder)

1 x ripe banana

1 x cup of oats

A dash of almond milk

1 x tablespoon of cacao powder (if you want to make it a little bit chocolatey)

1 x teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda (it helps make them fluffy)

1 x teaspoon of maple syrup

Blend together the almond milk and protein powder, then mash up a banana and add to the mix.

Add the cup of oats, cacao and bicarbonate and whip together with a fork.

It should be a fairly thick consistency.

In a pan, heat some coconut oil and add the pancake mix. I have a little ‘cookie cutter’ type device which keeps them all consistency the same size and thickness but there’s no need to be precise, they all will taste just as yummy.

After 10 minutes, flip over the pancake and fry for another 10 minutes.

Pop them onto a plate, top with maple syrup and your favourite fruit – and enjoy!

Protein Yoghurt & Fruit Bowl

I can’t eat soya or dairy, so my yoghurt choices are pretty limited. Luckily, I LOVE coconut yoghurt but it can get a little boring on it’s own – so I like to jazz it up with some protein powder to give it a vanilla ‘kick’.

You will need:

1 x scoop of Herbalife Formula 1 (Vanilla Powder)

2 x scoops of Coconut Yoghurt (my fave is Koko)

Toppings – fruit, honey, berries, seeds, nuts.

You can either blend or vigorously stir the protein powder and yoghurt together.

I prefer to blend as it gives it a really smooth, creamy consistency – but it’s up to you!

Then top with your favourite fruit, berries, seeds and nuts and enjoy.

It’s a super easy, delicious breakfast that will fill you up until lunchtime.