Get ready and let’s get cooking!

Herbalife Nutrition have worked with Celebrity Chef Rachel Allen to create delicious a Recipe Book with healthy recipes using our amazing products!

Some of the recipes, videos and assets are available here. Go ahead and try them now!

Remember, everything you need is available online on the dedicated Recipe Book site: Social Media images, videos, recipe photos and information.

These recipes are perfect for someone who is taking two shakes a day and looking for an addition to their healthy active lifestyle. Find out more on

A message from Rachel:

Whether you have been using Herbalife Nutrition products for decades or only just started enjoying them, this book will give you inspiration on how you can effectively include them in your daily diet. Many people want to have a savoury snack or make sure that their evening meal is equivalently healthy, so here are a few recipes on how to improve your meals during the day.

Working together with the Herbalife team, I have created a selection of delicious, inspiring and nutritious recipes with new takes on many popular dishes, desserts and snacks.

We have even included a few slightly more indulgent snacks for those days when you work out hard and need to increase your energy intake. But with every recipe, we aimed to use the least amount of added sugar and at the same time, the best natural food sources available ensuring that these dishes will contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

From an oriental stir-fry to a heart-warming soup or delicious cookie, you will find plenty of ideas, all using Herbalife Nutrition products, with guidance on the nutritional content of each. Most of the recipes have been developed by me but there are a few from Herbalife Nutrition too!

Go ahead, try them and enjoy!