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Welcome to the 21 Day Challenge with Samantha Clayton

Whether you’re a beginner exerciser or someone who is looking to take their fitness to the next level, we have the right 21 Day Challenge for you! Over the 21 days, Samantha Clayton will be providing you with a workout for the day, some helpful nutrition tips and some great motivation to keep you going the entire programme. After the 21 days are up, we hope you will have developed some good new habits. More importantly we hope you’ll be feeling healthier, happier, and ready to take on more challenges!

Are you ready for your challenge?

Start your challenge today! Go to Day 1 now and start your journey towards achieving your wellness goals.

For guidance on the right nutrition to support your 21 Day Challenge, get in touch with your local Herbalife Nutrition Independent Member by clicking this link. Herbalife Nutrition’s distributor difference is one of the reasons which sets us apart from other brands. Not only are you receiving high quality products, but with the added bonus of personal one-to-one guidance from your Member. Always consult your doctor before starting a programme of exercise.

Already started your journey to being healthier and happier? Great! Now keep up your good work and continue improving your fitness by clicking the links below:

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