21 Day Challenge

21 Day Challenge with Samantha Clayton – Day 9 Lower Body workout

WELCOME back on day 9 of your 21 Day Challenge with Samantha Clayton! Well done, as you are almost halfway through your challenge, which means you are obviously fully dedicated. Rest assured, in the last couple of days you have already done a great amount for your health and to kick start 2019 in a healthier manner. Week 2 Lower Body, here we go!

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Regardless that you are doing the Beginner or the Fit to Fitter level of the workout, your body will need a balanced exercise regime. So it’s very important to work all your muscles, including your legs.

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Beginner Workout


For a lot of people, lower body workouts are the must-haves they are not looking forward to. Those squats, lunges and dead lifts will help build muscle around weak joints, develop hamstrings and improve stability and mobility. So if one of your goals is to build muscle, develop functional strength and reduce the risk of injury, make sure never to skip lower body workout days.

Fit to Fitter Workout

You can be a beginner, or a regular wanting to enhance their fitness level. Either way, these professionally built programmes will support you.

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